A Weekend in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Fun

We recently took a quick weekend trip to Philadelphia to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. It was a weekend to remember from beginning to end. Our rainy drive up and confusion at the airport finding our rental car was all worth it. We used American Express Skymiles rewards so our rental car was at the airport. My husband hopped on the bus and soon our adventure had begun.

The Logan Hotel

Our hotel was amazing. When we arrived a few hours after check in, our room wasn’t ready. Without a single complaint from us, to honor the very few minutes we had to wait, they gifted us free breakfast at the hotel restaurant. This was a $150 credit. With a family of 5, this was incredibly appreciated. The hotel was beautiful, filled with artwork and charm. We enjoyed the spa and pool, in addition to the food. Our suite was filled with huge windows and the view was fantastic. The girls enjoyed saying “it’s a Philly thing” and watching people walk their dogs outside our windows.

The Urban Farmer

The Urban Farmer is located inside The Logan Hotel and it is definitely worth visiting. The décor and seating is stylish and impressive. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends. We all enjoyed our meals for a room service dinner and a morning brunch. My pancakes with cranberry apple compote and walnut streusel were great. The shrimp and grits were made with Castle Valley grits, poached egg, and house made tasso ham. They were fantastic. The girls had a bacon cheddar omelet, waffles, and pancakes with fruit, Pennsylvania maple syrup, and the best whipped cream I have had in a while.

The Friends Experience

Our visit to the King of Prussia mall for The Friends Experience was a lot of fun. It was really like stepping inside the show. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the photo opportunities were priceless. The experience travels around the country so check their site to see where they are heading next.

Rocky Steps

In the original 1976 Rocky movie, he runs up the 72 stone steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I have actually never seen this whole movie (terrible I know – it’s on my to-do list), but of course I was familiar with it. I played the scene of Rocky running to the steps for my girls on our way there. Even if you aren’t a fan, that Gonna Fly Now tune is pretty cool. Finding a parking spot and crossing the busy street wasn’t as fun as climbing the steps, but it was all worth it.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

We just happened to stop for the Rocky steps on our way out of town. At the top of the steps, our youngest announced that she had to potty. So, we decided we could spare a few more minutes to go into the museum but of course we didn’t have tickets yet. This is the story of how we found out we were very fortunate to be there on the first Sunday of the month, which is a “pay as you wish” day! This is a big deal if you plan to go to the museum because the usual admission price is $25.00 for an adult. The admission price does include a free guided tour.

One of the oldest public art museums in the country, with 200 exhibits covering American, Asian, and European art, it is worth a visit. The girls enjoyed it more than I expected. Belle even found something that was very interesting to her in the kids booklet and went on the hunt to find it (the horse and armor pictured below). We spent more time here than we anticipated and still did not see all of the artwork. If you go, plan to spend an entire day here!

A Great Weekend in Philadelphia

Philadelphia proved to be a great weekend getaway. From the Friends Experience at King of Prussia mall to our stay at the Logan Hotel and all the fun in between, it was a birthday to remember.

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    I Love all your photos and your story is just perfect. What a beautiful family y’all are!!❤️

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