As love grows, so do we

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Jockey’s Ridge
As love grows 
so do we
Picture perfect blurred 
by all the things we didn’t see

The really tough pieces of life
all laid out upon our table
undone and rearranged
Doing all that we are able 

Still holding hands
still a place to rest
Holding on
through the storms
when it feels like nothings left

As love grows 
so do we
From silly sun kissed teenagers 
movies, proms, the fair
To wedding vows, tiny feet
a joy for life in the air

We read Corinthians 
so sure of ourselves
Love is patient, keeps no record of wrong 
Love is not angered, endures
all before we really see what marriage is made for 

Then time does what it tends to do
sneaks up and sneaks right through
We trade the white dress for black too often
wonder how could this be true 

We trade all nighters with newborns
for tear soaked pillows, haunting worry 
for parents we couldn’t know would get sick 
We work, we pray, frantic
and still can’t fix any of it 

As love grows
so do we
we bend but we don’t break
Life lived better with two 
still holding on, always with you

Marriage isn’t the cake or photos
or house, trip, career, or kids 
Life’s extras distract us from the center
it all boils down to this

You don’t choose a spouse at your wedding
you choose them day to day
You weed out the garden, you nurture it
and sometimes you wait for the next season for blooms
Because as love grows 
so do we

You find your soul mate, you get married, you stay together until you die, period.

~Jack Pearson, This is Us

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