Children’s Museum of Virginia

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Calling All Wild Kratts Fans

Even if you have been to the Children’s Museum of Virginia before, you must go again! “Wild Kratts Ocean Adventure! The Exhibit” runs through May 8th and if your child is a Wild Kratts fan, you don’t want to miss it. Your child can color a fish and then place it on a stand to see it magically appear in the large ocean scene. They may want to write their name on it to make it extra exciting. The museum describes the overall Wild Kratts exhibit experience: “Using Wild Kratts technology and the powers of science and teamwork, children and their families will join the Wild Kratts team to solve problems, help marine animals, and foil the villains’ nefarious plans.”

There are two floors at the Children’s Museum of Virginia to explore with all kinds of cool features for kids, geared toward ages 1-11. Be sure to check out the Beazley Planetarium while you are there as well for stories under the stars. Field trips are popular here, and you can even plan a birthday party for your child. There is a gift shop so prepare for that or sneak out before you kids see it.

Admission Details

The museum is open Wednesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

You do need to reserve your tickets online and at this time, wear a mask while you are there (ages 2 and up).

Admission Prices

Members: Free
Adults (Ages 18 & up): $11
Children (Ages 2-17): $10
Children Under 2: Free
AAA, Military, and Seniors: $10

Don’t Forget Lunch!

When you step outside the museum, you will find several great options for lunch (or dinner). One place to try is Bangkok Garden Noodle House. The spring rolls are delicious and don’t worry if you don’t see a kids menu at first, they do have one available.

For more information on the museum and to reserve tickets:

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