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Easy Snow Cream Recipe

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Snow Cream

Southern Fascination

You will be so glad that you tried this easy snow cream recipe. This is the simplest recipe ever and it’s true, there is a Southern fascination with this delightful dessert. Why shouldn’t there be? We rarely get snow. Some will say that you skip the work and just eat regular ice cream instead. Trust me – that’s so much less fun! Making snow cream is so simple your kids can chip in to help or make it themselves. They will love scooping the snow up in a huge pot to bring it inside. Talk about childhood memories – this is it! They will never forget making this easy snow cream recipe.

I make one batch with pineapple the way my mom always did when I was growing up and one batch without it for my younger girls who prefer it to be plain. Peach is also a popular flavor. For me, no variety comes close to pineapple. It’s so delicious!

Snow Cream Now & Later

You have to eat snow cream right away, of course, because it will melt. Be sure to make enough to put some in the freezer. When the snow has all melted and life is back to normal and busy, you can have a taste and remember how much fun it was to play in the snow and how beautiful it was to see it falling. And it goes without saying really, but just remember…

Calories don’t count when you are eating snow cream!

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