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Today I bought myself flowers,
bright and colorful from the store.
I put them in a vase with water, 
I knew what they were for.

I sat there and I stared at them.
I moved them place to place.
I thought how beautiful,
as tears slid down my face.

I've learned this is a grown up thing
I didn't do before.
A little trick, a "remind me of it"
to keep me moving forward.

No one tells you the day
when things will suddenly change,
when your life will feel like it's floating,
when things will be rearranged.

Some days you will only see
what is lost,
you will only see what is missing.
And despite the most grand efforts,
you cannot adjust your vision.

And so the flowers sit
where they catch my attention.
Of sorrow, of worry, of pity - 
they never make a mention.

When the time is right,
there are new blooms
as bright and happy as before.
But, for now, I just bought myself flowers
and I knew what they were for.

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