Forever Forever

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Forever Forever
Skitterphoto at Pexels

Forever Forever is a poem about how we realize and come to accept that babies don’t keep. Time passes so quickly and we have to try to cherish every moment we are given.

If asked how long

is Forever, forever

once I would have said it sounded so long

But now that you have arrived

I see I couldn’t have been more wrong

Forever, forever

goes by in a blink

and between clothes and dishes

you hardly have time to think

Somehow minutes sneak away

and what you wanted to do and wanted to say

is done or undone still

Forever, forever

we begin to know

not by the gray hair or the moves that are slow

But by the pages we forgot to color,

the book we promised we’d read,

the game never played and the memories never made

Forever, forever

we run out of time

and we watch our lives in playback

trying to rewind

We pray our babies know we did our best as

we had to do so many things

that stole our freedom and the clock was always ticking,

challenging childhood with disappearing minutes

Forever, forever is just a little time

when you love your children as much as I do mine

And you wish them little

just one more day before the laughs are all gone

and the messes cleaned away

Little arms around your neck

only last for a season

How wrenching it is to imagine them leaving

Forever, forever

must we remember to hold tight to our children and let go of the rest

No little one knows to care about the laundry you wash

and the floors you sweep

But in your arms they slumber

with dreams you both keep

Forever, forever

I will keep in my mind

your tiny fingers, your hand wrapped in mine

Images of perfection

the world will invade

with careers and bills and deadlines

and life that can’t be remade

Forever, forever

I remind myself

 starts with today

and what we have left

So climb in my lap

stay longer please

Throw another tantrum

Be angry for a spell if you’d like

Leave the toys a mess

Soon Forever, forever

the house will be clean

not a speck or a spot

of scatterings to seen

And there will be You, somewhere else, without me

Forever, forever

don’t come yet

Stay away, so I can say

One more I love you,

one more I’m sorry,

and one more Yes, I will play

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