Great Food in Gates

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Looking for a new spot to find great eats and sweet treats? Willing to go on a little road trip to find them? There are two neat places where you can find great food in Gates County, North Carolina. They are worth the drive!

Will-O-Wisp Café

We had never heard of Will-O-Wisp Café and ended up there by accident when my daughter had to use the bathroom. You know, when you gotta go you gotta go! When we walked in, the games and opportunity to draw with chalk caught the girls eyes so we decided to stay and try out the food. After all, they saved the day by letting us use the bathroom.

For the girls, personal pan pizzas were a hit. We also tried the Hawaiian pizza and my husband got some kind of wings he raved about. The salad was fresh and tasty too. All of us agreed that the food was great and we would be back again. The café also has burgers and sandwiches.

We saw several folks walking in for pick up orders. Hours are Sunday-Thursday 11-8 and Friday-Saturday 11-10. The address is 504 Main Street, Gatesville, N.C. Follow the Will-O-Wisp Facebook page for more food pics and more details on their renovations.

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The Sugar Shack at Black Mingle Farms

The last time my girls and I snuck away to the Sugar Shack, we sat on the porch and ate. And the girls said, “It’s hot, there’s gnats, let’s go mom,” but I was just happy sitting in that swing, doing nothing, being with my girls, and enjoying a little peace at a little place. And in the girl’s defense, it was the middle of the day and super hot in the summer. I’ve heard others say to go here for the chicken salad or the pimento cheese, but honestly those aren’t my favorites. The iced coffee, cute desserts, and sweet potato ham biscuits are what drew me in, and the pretty flowers you can pick up at checkout are an added bonus. My daughter enjoyed a chicken wrap. You can also order custom cakes, cheesecakes, and trays that look fantastic. They even have dog cookies and salads.

Okay, we actually went in twice last visit. While eating on the porch, we decided those flowers really would be great as gifts for mom and grandma so a quick walk around the porch and there we were. Hours are Thursday and Friday 11-5:30 and Saturday 8-12. The address is 329 Black Mingle Road, Gates N.C.

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Jump in the car, pray your Google maps keep working with limited reception, and find these great places with great food in Gates. It’s worth it – trust me.

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