Is Buying an Elf Kit a Good Idea?

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Why Not?

Is buying an elf kit a good idea? For the first time ever, this year I bought one. An ad popped up on Facebook and it looked fun and I was tired so why not?

For starters, even with a discount, I felt the cost was too high. The original price was $99.00. Tip: Add an elf kit to your shopping cart, then pretend to forget it or really forget it like I did for a few days. I’m sure you will be emailed a discount code. Wait for the discount! I received $19.80 off the price and free shipping.

Advantages of Buying an Elf Kit

An advantage of the kit is that it’s just way cooler than most of what I was thinking up before. The kit includes really neat things that I would have had to spend a lot of energy to find like mini test tubes for a Chemistry scene, a bag full of doctor’s supplies, and the cutest piñata with a mini blindfold. And elf yoga? So good!

Yes, you could buy some items to do this yourself but the kit is easy and fun. I could sleep in longer because I could set up each day in less than a minute. There is no mess, no chaos, just cute paper cut-outs to go with some of the scenes. The kit I chose, Crafty Holiday Helper, also had the option to add a “magic” glove to your order to move your elf.

Disadvantages of Buying an Elf Kit

Another disadvantage of buying an elf kit in addition to the cost, is that you don’t have to think. I know, not wanting to think is the reason I bought the kit. It really is kind of fun, though, to plan new silly ideas for your elf. Check out a few from previous years below. The kit eliminates this intense ridiculousness, and it was what I needed this year. Next year, who knows?

Kit Contents

Want to see what an elf kit includes? You can find details here:

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