It’s Dorm Move In Day

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dorm move in day

It’s Dorm Move In Day!

Those little feet that used to pitter patter 

on their way to find your bed,

Now you watch moving in the opposite direction,

much too far ahead.

It’s dorm move in day!

There’s excitement, there’s waiting, there’s cost.

But nothing prepares you for driving away,

amidst happiness you will feel loss.

You won’t hear every story,

every play by play.

Your new college student will be busy,

life will get in the way.

You will feel the difference, and miss them late at night.

While you cheer them on, send packages, pray,

you too, won’t say everything. 

You won’t tell them all you want to say.

How would you tell someone so much,

and still hold back the tears?

You want them on this journey.

You want them to have the “best years.” 

They won’t forget all you have done.

Wipe those tears, know that they will be okay.

In the middle of the great adventures, celebrations and struggles,

they will remember you every day.

They might keep you guessing, 

as they start to do life on their own.

But they will learn even greater is the truth – 

There is no place quite like home. 

Last Minute Hugs

This poem is dedicated to my sweet sisters and their awesome husbands, who are all dropping off their sons at college for dorm move in today. Andrew and Cole – it sounds cliché but your future really is bright. They are going through this stage before I have to, and I’m glad I’ll have them to give me some advice when the time comes for my children to step out into a grand adventure. So many parents are going through this same drop off this week, and no doubt the emotions are running wild. Those last minute hugs and final goodbyes…I am not ready to imagine it yet. Lots of prayers going up for a great year for everyone!

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