Just Because I’m a Christian

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Position of the President

It seems like some people feel, strongly, that if you are a Christian you should support President Trump. I respect my President, because he’s the President, and I believe there are great things that he has done while in office. I’m sure he will continue to do some really great things that will benefit the American people. Every President, and every person, does good things and bad things and we all hope that the culmination of our lives are composed of more good than bad. Not to mention that every President has extremely difficult decisions that must be made as the leader of an entire nation. I cannot imagine the stress that the job would entail, so the position should always command respect and admiration.

I don’t have time or energy to research and fact check tons of claims so I will only stick to what I have personally witnessed myself in this discussion. Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I always agree with President Trump.

Saying Anything

When President Trump says anything related to God, he could just mention the name, and people go crazy. Christians start sharing it on social media like it’s some kind of proof that we have a Christian, faith-filled President. I don’t judge people’s hearts. Whatever the President feels is his faith is his personal belief. I don’t know if he is a Christian. What I know is that it doesn’t take much at all to get people to share those things, and overlook many others that are detrimental. It often makes me cringe. If there is anything I have learned in 36 years of living, it’s that people can say anything. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. Just because a person says something doesn’t even mean they believe it themselves. 

Actions Speak Louder than Words

From the time we are kids, we are taught the classic line, “Actions speak louder than words.” What I have seen is the President curse and use demeaning words towards women on national television. I can’t watch him on t.v. with my kids. I never know what he is going to say that I will have to explain away and tell the girls not to repeat.

What I have seen is him being rude and mean to reporters who asked fair questions that did not justify the type of response he returned. You could argue that reporters deserve being treated ugly for “fake news” but that doesn’t line up with my Christianity and those aren’t even the instances I’m talking about. I know that the news does twist things sometimes, and we should be aware of that. If reporters are wrong, call them out, that’s fine, but don’t be nasty. Don’t set the example that the way to handle situations we don’t like is to lash out and belittle others. I’m not even going to talk about his tweets. I’m old fashioned and I don’t even have a Twitter account.  

Beginning of COVID

I’ve seen the President blatantly ignore the recommendations of top medical advisors. He said he won’t wear a mask as the CDC has recommended and that he won’t mandate a national shutdown. At the time I write this, over 7,000 Americans have died from Coronavirus. I guess that’s not enough to be an example to the country that we need to follow guidelines of medical professionals. I’ve seen him blame the states and say that they weren’t prepared enough. Even if that’s true, how did anyone know to be this prepared? And why would they get prepared when the President didn’t seem concerned?

People do follow the lead of the President, there is no doubt about it. When the President said the Coronavirus was no more a worry than the seasonal flu, I saw tons of my own Facebook friends and family sharing the same. That we didn’t need to worry. That it wasn’t a big deal. That people were overreacting. I snoozed and unfollowed several people for my own mental health and some may feel the need to do that to me after this article, depending on where their loyalties lie. 

Just Because I’m a Christian Doesn’t Mean I Always Agree

I’ve seen the President fire lots of people who disagreed with him, when it seems that they were only doing their jobs. I’ve literally done a double take when I listened to him talk about humanitarian aid. He will say he sees how much money America gives to other countries and that it’s too much. Then when it comes across his desk, it’s humanitarian so we keep giving it. I’m too confused to keep up. Most of the time he’s saying we give away so much money and it’s ridiculous and he blames the previous administration. But then I hear him myself say that we have to keep giving away money. There must be so many pockets of money given away I’m just mixed up on which money he wants to give and which money he doesn’t. 

Christian Enough?

So I ask for patience from any Christian who thinks I’m not Christian enough. I don’t blindly believe in and support everything that our President does. I am praying for him, and for all of us, when I think about all of the people who are sick and dying from Coronavirus. Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I always agree.

How would things be different if we had stayed home sooner? What if all the medical professionals and public servants had the protection they needed? How will families deal with the loss? These are questions I wish none of us had to consider, not even the President.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I’m with you. Though I do feel he’s made a mockery of the position of President and I have trouble respecting him. But I’m sure God will deal with me if I’m sinning in that.

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