Laugh A Little

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Despite our best efforts at joy, some days are simply stressful. It can feel like everything stacks up, and tries to steal our smiles. Take a moment to laugh a little! Enjoy this quick collection with some bits of humor for a rainy day.

You got me.
I have no idea why I laughed so long at this, but I did. Before you judge me, read it out loud. Go ahead.

Wait. What? Story of my life.
Where did she go? Is she coming back?

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Get out!
It’s true. Some people are ALOT. Me. I’m some people. No you are!
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.
Me with summer vacation
So true. We love you art teachers.
Summer motto: Let it all hang out. You have no choice. It’s going to be HOT. Don’t risk the cover up.

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It’s all you need to know in life. Nothing else matters.

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Run husbands! We know that look!
Every time!

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In the hardest of moments, laughter really can be the best medicine. Don’t forget to laugh a little, every chance you get.

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