little girls grow

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boots and bows

tiny toes

even rain can’t dim the smile

twinkling eyes

bedtime lullabies

a world only filled with promise

and one day, so quickly

you see the rain and not the umbrella

the baby’s too big to rock in the chair

now there’s more you have to tell her

changes come

little girls grow

the bows are tucked in the drawer

you disagree, you see things different

she doesn’t know you’re fighting for…

her peace

her protection

her future

her heart

for a world where her body is safe

where her mind matters

a world she can live in and not make herself be small

God, when my little girl can’t listen to my voice, let her listen for Yours

when she no longer wants my embrace, cover her, remind her

she is the daughter of a King

she is a little girl standing at a fence post

she is my everything

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