Play in the Dirt

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This perfect picture used with permission. Very special thanks to Hillary & Adam Lassiter!

Let them play in the dirt. As long as they want to. As much as they want to. As often as they can.

Let them be messy. Let them be explorers. Let them be little.

Some of my best memories are following my mom and my aunt, row by row, hunting for lady bugs in the field while they were working. At lunch time, I’d get that bologna on plain white bread out for our picnic. I think they pulled me in a wagon.

Living can cost lots of money, but it doesn’t always have to, and sometimes the most fun comes when it doesn’t. It’s nice to go on vacation and buy new items but I also want my girls to learn to be content where they are. To make something out of nothing. To love each other more than things. To think, to dream, and to play. To learn that it’s time spent that they will remember, not toys. I remember lady bugs, my family, my sandwich, and being happy. I wonder what they will remember.

I hope it’s playing in the dirt.

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