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Potts N Paints is the perfect place to go to spend some time with your family or best friends. We ended up here because my search for a unique Christmas gift for one of my daughters led me to their pottery wheel lesson. I purchased it way back in the fall and we just got around to using it.

While the pottery lesson was in progress, my other girls chose a ceramic figurine to paint. This was great because it kept everyone busy and happy. My youngest chose a unicorn to paint, and my middle chose a panther. Her school mascot is a panther so it caught her eye immediately. Potts N Paints has a paint bar with lots of brushes and stencils. Everyone enjoyed choosing from the large variety of paints to fill up their paint palettes. You can also paint on canvas if you prefer, and they even have glass art.

Potts N Paints has two locations, one in Chesapeake where we visited and one in Virginia Beach. I believe if you want to do the pottery wheel, you need to go to Chesapeake. They are open every day, weekdays from 11-6. On Saturday, you can check them out from 10-6. Sunday hours are 12-5. Another really cool note about Potts N Paints is that they offer to go kits and birthday parties.

You will have to wait about a week to pick up your ceramic piece. They will call you when it’s ready. For pottery, you will get a call to come back and paint and then another call when it’s completely ready. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere laid back. The ceramic pieces can run a little pricey, but there are a variety of items all at different price points. You can find the piece that works for you. For the experience you get, whether you choose the pottery wheel or the ceramic painting, the price is well worth it. We haven’t finished the pottery yet, but the look on the girls faces when they saw their beautiful ceramic creations was priceless.

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