Quick Trip to Greensboro

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Quick trip to Greensboro

We took an extremely quick trip to Greensboro recently and it brought with it more family fun than we expected.

Drury Inn & Suites

We decided to stay at Drury Inn & Suites on Gate City Blvd. When we checked in, the hotel realized that I had unintentionally booked the wrong room. I had booked one king bed for all 5 of us. The manager saved the day and switched our room to two queen beds and provided a cot at no extra charge. I don’t remember looking any more haggardly than I usually do, but thank God she had mercy on me.

Kickback, Breakfast, & Popcorn

I can’t say enough good things about this hotel. If you are in the area, you should definitely consider booking. The manager was so friendly, not only during check-in but also when we were enjoying the 5:30 kickback. If you aren’t familiar with the kickback, it’s free food, and when you have a family of 5 you appreciate free food. Here’s a sample menu of what might be offered at a Drury Inn & Suites kickback:

Spring Salad


Alfredo Penne Pasta

Grilled Chicken Slices

Mixed Vegetables

Baked Potatoes

Hot Dog & Bun

Chips, Salsa & Nacho Cheese

The kickback was our dinner, free of charge, and it included beer, wine, mixed drinks and soft drinks. Drury Inn & Suites Greensboro also has a very nice breakfast that is also included in the cost of your stay. The staff at the bar and the kitchen are the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. They were super friendly and made us feel welcome. We were in town for a funeral, so their kindness was really appreciated.

Drury Inn & Suites
Drury Inn & Suites located in Greensboro, North Carolina

The absolute best part about Drury Inn? It has free popcorn in the lobby. Am I a big popcorn fan? Not really. But my middle daughter loves popcorn like nobody’s business. I wish you could have seen her face. When I told her to look in the direction of the popcorn machine her whole face lit up and her mouth dropped wide open. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. The kids had mouths full of popcorn during check in and they were as happy as they could be. At Drury Inn & Suites “The extra’s aren’t extra” and this mama appreciates it.

Lebauer Park

Another highlight of visiting Greensboro was visiting the Carolyn & Maurice Lebauer Park. Open daily from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m., the park is in the city center near Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, the Greensboro History Museum, the Greensboro Cultural Center, and the Greensboro Central Library.

Lebauer Park
Lebauer Park Map

The younger girls enjoyed the playground while my husband and oldest daughter went for a run. We were lucky to catch ice skating before it ended for the season. If you visit when it’s chilly out, don’t worry. Hot chocolate and coffee were available for purchase nearby, as well as other food items.

Quick Trip to Greensboro

Our quick trip to Greensboro was a comfortable stay not too far from home. A chance stop on the drive up at the park was a great place to stretch our legs after being in the car for a while. If you are planning a quick trip to Greensboro, add Drury Inn & Lebauer Park to your itinerary!

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