Six Special Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine's Day Gifts
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Easy Valentine’s Day shopping in one location – unique and affordable gifts from Cratejoy! I have shopped from this site myself and here’s something important to know…you do not have to purchase a subscription! So many of these great gifts can be sent once, with NO obligation to purchase anything again. There is just something special and fun about getting an unexpected gift in the mail. Because the site is so amazing, you could spend hours going through all of the options for gift gifting. Here’s a quick guide to help you find some of the best surprises available. These six special Valentine’s Day gifts are just what you have been looking for!

Bold Blossoms ~ Six Special Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

Send beautiful fresh flowers to someone special with this highly rated, very responsive company. Professionally designed, hand-tied flower bouquets are delivered straight to your door. There are a variety of choices and reviews say these are the most beautiful flowers ever. A great gift for Valentine’s Day!

Check it out here: –

Feeling Fab Box

Feeling Fab - A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care Photo 13

You are loved and appreciated! Remind yourself! The Feeling Fab box includes products that will help you relax and relieve stress, such as skin and body care and wellness tools like self-care trackers, mood charters, affirmations, and gratitude journaling. You can choose premium boxes (6-9 products) or mini boxes (4-6 products). You may have seen this company on Forbes, HuffPost, or BuzzFeed. People are raving about it and the boxes have been selling out quickly.

Use code 1STBOXFREE for 100% off your first shipment on a 6 or 12 month prepay or get 50% off your first box with purchase of a 3 shipment prepay when you use code HALFOFF!

Check it out here:

Club Cuvee 

Club Cuvée - Champagne Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines" Photo 3

Club Cuvee is a monthly champagne club that offers unique, high-end wines from around the world that are tailored to match your palate and budget. You will create your flavor profile and the coolest part of all is that if you don’t love each bottle you receive, Club Cuvee will replace it. Use code 12MONTH at checkout to receive 40% OFF your first box on a 12-month prepaid subscription! 

Check it out here:

Bath Bevy

Bath Bevy Photo 26

Next up, grab Bath Bevy while you can! These boxes sell out quickly. For great bath time surprises, you can choose the original box that includes items like bath bombs, bubble bath, a scrub, and more. Only have time to take showers? There’s a tubless box too! In the tubless box you can expect to find items like shower steamers, a loofah handmade soap, a candle, etc.

Use code 1STBOXFREE for 100% off your first shipment on a 6 or 12 month prepay or 25% off your first box with a 3+ month prepay with code CRATEJOY25!

Check it out here:

Brownie Bite Box

Brownie Bite Box - Box of 16 Photo 2

These extra fudgy, bite-size brownies are the prefect gifts for chocolate lovers. Handmade fresh when you order them, they come in delicious flavors like Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, S’mores, and Espresso. The special Valentine’s box includes 3 Red Velvet Blondie Bites, 3 Raspberry Brownie Bites, 2 Classic Brownie Bites, 2 Sea Salt Brownie Bites, 2 White Chocolate Brownie Bites, 2 Espresso Brownie Bites, and 2 Peanut Butter Brownie Bites (order by Feb. 16th to be sure to get this special box if your heart is set on it). As you can imagine, this box is super popular for the holiday and sells out fast!

Check it out here:

Jessies-Nutty-Cups ~ Six Special Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

These handcrafted peanut butter cups (and occasional almond butter cups) come in a variety of flavors such as Dark Sea Salt, PBJ, and Oreo. Made fresh when you order them, they will not dissapoint. The company makes their own peanut butter from scratch and uses Belgian chocolate to create a special treat for you and your loved ones. They have a special Cup of the Month added to your box, and you can choose a box of 8 or 15 to enjoy. Reviews say that these are “unbelievably tasty” and recommend going for a bigger box.

Check it out here:

Whether you shop for yourself or someone you love, Valentine’s with any of these boxes will be a sweet day to remember. These six special Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to please!

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