Sometimes We Forget Our Blessings

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Sometimes We Forget Our Blessings

What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.

Oscar Wilde

Singing Lessons

Sometimes we forget our blessings, but we can always remember again. A few weeks ago my oldest daughter had a piano and singing recital. She played Lost Boys and sang Say Something. We watched, we clapped, we snacked, we took pictures, and everyone had a great time. Her voice is beautiful. I’m so glad she decided to begin singing lessons.

Speech Therapy

It wasn’t until the next day when I was sitting on the couch that it hit me. I asked my daughter, “Do you remember when you went to speech classes in elementary school?” She said, “Yes, I loved Mrs. Ross and I miss her. Why did I go to speech, because I used to say um all the time?” To which I responded, “No, you went to speech because you stuttered.” It wasn’t an every now and then situation; she stuttered to the point that it was significant and caught the attention of her teacher.


We take our blessings for granted, but not on purpose right? Life is just so busy. We get out of one season of life, check one thing off the to-do list, and we forget that other thing that happened 500 things ago.

When I stopped to think about what my daughter had just done, singing in front of a room filled with people, most of whom she didn’t know, I was reminded of what a sweet, sweet blessing she was given by an amazing classroom teacher who noticed the stutter. The teacher talked to me about it and recommended my daughter to an amazing speech therapist at the school who took the time to work patiently with her on a regular basis. Today, she has no stutter. No stutter at all. And she hasn’t had one for so long that I can’t remember when it stopped. I am so thankful. Sometimes we forget our blessings, but we can always remember again.

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