The good the bad the ugly of education

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Education is Still Worth it!

The good, the bad, the ugly of education has been a part of my life, all of my life. After graduating college, I returned to my hometown to teach high school English. After that experience, I moved on to teach academically and intellectually gifted students in two other school systems. Working with students of ages, daycare through the university level, has provided me with many opportunities for growth as a person and as an educator. For more about my journey and perspectives, check out some of my education blogs. Feel free to share your own journey in the comments as well!

Thank you for being here and checking out Sweet Potato Py. Education is not easy, but it’s always worth it. Teachers should be paid for their work, and paid what they earn and deserve, and hopefully more states will recognize this and adjust their salary scales. North Carolina has a lot of work left to do! I hope wherever you are values the work of our educators every single day.

Feeling a little burned out in your teacher or student journey? Okay, majorly burned out? Check out these inspirational quotes. Or read about how I am commiserating with you! We can always talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of education but at the end of the day education is one of the things we rest our hope on for positive change in our youth and in our society.