closeup photo of baubles on christmas tree

They Were Christmas

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closeup photo of baubles on christmas tree

We thought it was the tree, the gifts, the lights,

and staying up late, having pretend snowball fights.

But they were Christmas.

Our minds never imagined that they wouldn’t be with us.

They were Christmas.

They were big smiles and happy laughs,

perfect gift finders and fun.

They were kind, honest,

and gave grace when we needed some.

They kept the whole family together,

like a present tied with a bow.

And even when we didn’t know,

they were Christmas.

It wasn’t the Care Bear, the Lite-Brite, or the dolls.

Family comes first, far above it all.

Hug the ones you love a little tighter, extend your time for a visit.

Make Christmas what it is,

let go of what it isn’t.

It’s okay to sit in sadness,

and it’s okay to cry those tears.

You can go through every picture,

when you still had them here.

It’s okay to keep talking about them,

to remember how they lived.

Tell the stories, replay the voicemails,

remember the things they said.

They were Christmas.

They were little red stockings with a $5 bill,

and decorations in every windowsill.

They were a suitcase you couldn’t wait to pack,

and their house was always open when you wanted to come back.

Now traditions will feel different, and hearts won’t be the same.

Honor them, remember them, carry on their name.

They were Christmas.

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  1. Kay Acurio says:

    Y’all have some awesome memories. I Love your blogs. Heart-touching ❤️

    1. Hannah says:

      Thank you Kay!

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