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Green Kid Crafts Delivered Right to your Door

Award Winning Fun

Have you heard of Green Kid Crafts? I had not until recently, and I’m thankful we gave it a chance! The company was founded in 2009 and has received several awards, such as Dr. Toy’s Best Green Products,  Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award, and the Red Tricycle’s Award for Most Awesome Subscription Service. The craft kit comes in a cute green box and my girls were excited to see what was inside. It’s important to note the mantra on the box: “earth friendly, creativity, delivered.” Green Kid Crafts is a Bronze Green America Certified Business and a 1% For The Plant Member. If you want to try something new in honor of Earth Day with your children, Green Kid Crafts is a great place to start. 

What’s In the Box?

We received the Climate Change box. Don’t let the smaller size of the box fool you – it included a lot! The following six projects were inside: The Greenhouse Effect, Ocean Acidification Experiment, Tree Disk Amulet, Solar Light Jar, Melting Glacier Experiment, and Sea Ice Experiment. The box comes with a helpful guide book that includes an introduction and brief overview of what climate change is about. There were four experiments, one art activity, one engineering activity, and even a final idea on how children could repurpose their box for climate activism. There were also book recommendations and tips on what kids could think about after each activity. 

Find the Perfect Option

All three of my children participated, but I do feel like my oldest child (10 years old) benefited the most. She would have been able to do the entire box on her own, whereas my other children could not. You can shop by your child’s age to make sure you are receiving the perfect box. They have targeted products for ages 2-4, 5-10, and 10+.

Classroom or Home

I could also see classroom teachers using a box for their students. With multiple activities, you could transform an ordinary science lesson from worksheets to hands on fun with minimal cost. Divide up the experiments and assign students to different stations. Depending on what the experiments are, be mindful of seeking out a volunteer or two. You want to make sure everyone is monitored and safe. For example, one of our experiments used red cabbage powder, lemon juice, vinegar, castile soap, salt, and baking soda (all included). You want to make sure no one takes a sip of any of these from the cups!

One Purchase or Subscription

You can get a subscription with this company for $29.95/month. If a subscription is not what you’re looking for, there are also options for one time purchases. Try out the Solar System box priced at $39.95 or the Gemstone Mining for only $13.95.

If you do choose a subscription box, you can pay month to month or choose a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. The 12 month subscription brings the best value at $24.95/month. While the subscriptions renew automatically, you can cancel at any time. You can also check out the blog for creative ideas you can do with materials you likely already have in your home. 

Your Order = 1 Tree Planted

You know what might be the coolest thing we discovered about Green Kid Crafts? Every order will equal one tree planted on your behalf. If you are ready to learn more and see the boxes, take a look here:

Try something new and do good for the Earth at the same time!

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