What the Shadows Took

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what the shadows took
Let them be your shadows

and while they’re by your side,

think of all the things they took.

They took a girl, or a boy, and made a mom or dad

a master of home and heart.

They took your time, every minute,

entranced you from the start.

They took your thoughts, stole every one

with little smiles and cuddles.

They took your life, rearranged it,

redefined the struggles.

They took the dreams you thought you had

and turned them into something new.

What power holds those little ones,

they recreated you.

They took a life that once was good

and filled it with so much magic,

that now you can’t imagine

how it was before you had it.

Watch those shadows as they dance,

cherish them in your presence,

and really take a look.

For life is not about a balance,

it’s about what the shadows took.

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