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You Make a Difference ~ 50 Devos for Teachers

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A Perfect Gift

If you are a teacher looking for some inspiration, look no further! Maybe you need the perfect book to give to your favorite teacher. This small book comes at a great price point, just $9.99! DaySpring also has great coupons on their site to give you even more savings when you shop. 50 Devos for Teachers will take you down memory lane. You will laugh, reflect, and come away refreshed.

A Reminder to Rest

My favorite thing about 50 Devos for Teachers is that it’s honest. Check out this excerpt:

“It has often been said that teaching is more than a job; it is a calling. Teachers inspire with their dedication and sacrifice, and that is beautiful. The problem is when we confuse sacrifice with self-neglect, the calling with co-dependency. In the above Scripture passage, Peter urges believers to “serve with the strength God provides.” The mystery of this is that the same God with whom resides infinite power and strength has built rhythms of rest and restoration into creation. The Creator who calls the sun high into the sky each day, so that we have light to work, blankets the world in darkness and starlight each night, so that we might rest…

“Yes, God is honored by the way we love and serve our students with the gifts He has given us, but that doesn’t mean He expects us to use those gifts in a way that is harmful to us” (37).

A New Look at Interruptions

Every teacher knows what it’s like to be interrupted. Many of us joke about how many times a day our name is called. If only we had a dollar for every time our name is called, or every time we are asked to repeat directions, we’d be rich. Another favorite part of 50 Devos for Teachers is when the topic of interruption is discussed:

“Jesus knew what it is so hard to remember as a teacher: interruptions aren’t just part of the job; they are the job. No matter how important our teaching objectives are for the day, our students are more important. Jesus never forgot that. He never dismissed the people who cried out for His help, no matter how insignificant they were to everyone else. The outcasts, the ones who interrupted Him with nothing to offer but their own brokenness, were of infinite importance to Jesus. May He give us eyes today to see our “interrupters” as He sees them, and respond to them with patience and grace” (39).

How to Purchase a Copy of Your Own

Click this link to visit DaySpring and purchase your copy today:

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